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Title Page
Autonoir is a graphic novel that I am hoping to evolve into a larger SciFi universe. I'm a science fanboy, a film geek, and a lover of the strange and morbid. It is my intent to breath all of it into this work.

This site will showcase a screen-formatted version of the novel by chapter, but the same pages will also be available on Deviant Art and, possibly, additional platforms as I expand.

I'll be posting updates at the following links if you'd like to follow me.

Google Blog    Deviant Art    Twitter    Facebook

You can also email me at

Also, if you'd like to support me, consider becoming a patron.

For a $1 donation per submission, patrons will have access to textless pages and special wallpapers. Additionally, while the free site will be updated per chapter, patrons will be updated per scene. Patrons can access these perks at the Autonoir Patreon Page.

The webcomic will be free to read up to the end chapters. The last 2 chapters will be exclusively available to patrons.

Fonts used:

ORBITON - Benit     FELIPA - Ilio